Graduate Students
  • Claudia Krispel (2001-2006; MD/PhD degree) Residency and Fellowship at Wilmer Eye Institute, The Johns Hopkins University; Currently founder and CEO, Meadows Retina, Las Vegas, NV

  • Jim Long (2005-2010; PhD Neuroscience) Postdoc with Julie Schnapf at UCSF initially; currently Assistant Professor, Solano Community College

  • Owen Gross (2006-2012; PhD Neuroscience) Postdoc with Enrique von Gersdorff at OHSU initially; currently Assistant Professor, Reed College, Portland OR

  • Christopher Fortenbach (2008-2015; MD/PhD student in BMCDB) Medical school initially; currently resident at University of Iowa

  • Gabriel Peinado (2013-2019; PhD student in Neuroscience); Currently postdoctoral fellow, Aalto University

  • Eric Miller (2014-2019; PhD student in Neuroscience); Currently a Scientist in Molecular Analytics at GSK

  • Kaitryn Ronning (2015-2021; PhD student in Neuroscience); Currently postdoctoral fellow, UC Davis.

Medical Students
  • Nelson Conley (2006; MD research fellowship)

  • Omar Mohammadaly (2006-2007; MD research fellowship)

  • William Rubin, PhD Duke University; 2002-2006; Senior Manager, Competitive Intelligence at Genentech

  • Christine Insinna, PhD Medical College of Wisconsin; 2009-2011 (jointly mentored with Ed Pugh); CRTA Fellow at Laboratory of Cell and Developmental Signaling; NCI, Frederick, MD

  • DeLaine Larsen, PhD UC San Diego; 2009-2012; Director, Nikon Imaging Center at UCSF

  • Syed Abbas, PhD Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Yeshiva University; 2013-2014; Assistant Professor, Central Connecticut State University

  • Xinlei Wang, MD, PhD Peking University Health Science Center; 2014-2017; Postdoc, Neuroimaging and Visual Science Laboratory, NYU Langone

  • Sarah Karlen, PhD University of California Davis; 2015-2016; Assistant Project Scientist, UC Davis